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This article describes how to add a YouTube movie as a WebCenter My Work section.

In case you have already tried to add a YouTube movie and it shows a blank section instead of a movie, follow the steps described below to resolve the issue.


Follow these steps to create a new My Work section containing a YouTube movie:

  1. Find your movie on YouTube and click the Share link.

  2. Do not use the regular URL for sharing, instead click Embed and copy the URL you see there. In the example below, the URL you need to copy is: //

  3. Logon to WebCenter as an Administrator and choose Preferences > My Work from the main Admin menu.

  4. Click the Create New My Work Section button.

  5. Enter a Name for your My Work section. This will be displayed in the My Work section title bar.

  6. Change Type to External Web Page.

  7. In the External Web Page field type http: and add your copied YouTube URL. In case you are using https, enter https: instead of http:.

  8. A URL will automatically be generated in the URL field. If you want to modify the height of your movie, you can optionally add &h=600 (or any other number) to the end of the URL.

  9. Optionally, change Scope and Role Groups.

  10. Click Create.

To add your new My Work section to the Default My Work page, see WebCenter Administration Guide - Edit the Default My Work Page.

To only add the section to your own My Work page, see WebCenter User Guide - My Work Setup.

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