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Where can I find the WebCenter SDK documentation?


The WebCenter SDK is a way to connect systems to WebCenter by calling WebCenter with HTTP calls. It's also known as the JSP API. 

The WebCenter SDK is an option on WebCenter. You need to purchase it. Included in this purchase are:

  • The right to use the SDK.
  • The SDK documentation.
  • Two days of remote help (via web meeting) with writing software, using the WebCenter SDK.

The documentation will be sent to you after the purchase. 

An alternative path to talk to WebCenter is via Automation Engine Connect. The Integrate with WebCenter task in Automation Engine (Connect) exposes the public part of the WebCenter SDK to Automation Engine via a user interface. This user interface contains a condensed version of the WebCenter SDK documentation (for details, please check the documentation for the Integrate with WebCenter task, which can be found in the Automation Engine  - Complete Manual, chapter 'Integrating with WebCenter'  topic 'Advanced WebCenter Integration' , subtopic 'Integrate with WebCenter Task').

For additional information, the SDK documentation is available for customers that have access to the SDK. In case you have not received this documentation or if you wish to receive the latest version, please feel free to contact customer support requesting the SDK documentation.

For more info about the WebCenter SDK, see:

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