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This article answers the following questions:

  • What is Esko ID?
  • Why should I register for an Esko ID account?


Esko ID is the one account that gives you access to all Esko services:

  • Esko Store
    • Buy consumables (bits, blades, underlays, ...) for your Esko hardware
    • Re-order previous purchases
    • View your Esko hardware configuration
    • View your Esko Store order history
  • Support Community
    • Read documentation
    • Search the Knowledge Base
    • Register and follow up on support cases
    • Chat with e-support engineers
  • Software activation
    • Activate your Esko software licenses with Esko ID
    • Perform off-line activation of your Esko software licenses
    • Return your dongles for older Esko software
  • My Software download site
    • Download the latest software products that you have purchased
    • Download hotfixes for our software products
    • Subscribe to product and hotfix release notifications
  • Shapes Store
    • Download the latest 3D models

Creating an Esko ID

Creating an Esko ID is simple. All you need to create an Esko ID is an e-mail address and, if you are already an Esko customer, your Company Code

(plus) Create your Esko ID here


Use your corporate e-mail address when you register your Esko ID. In many cases this will allow us to automatically approve your Esko ID, so that you will get your confirmation e-mail immediately - no manual review step required!

If we cannot automatically approve your Esko ID based on your corporate e-mail address, we will review your request within 24 hours, and after approval you will receive a confirmation e-mail

This approval step makes sure that your company code is never misused by someone else and that only people from within your company have access to company-specific data.

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