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When creating v-notch lines in ArtiosCAD, additional purple lines are added to the workspace view to represent the top surface of the material to be cut while the placed cut or crease line represents the bottom. The purple lines are offset based on the tool angle and the caliper of the selected material.


This simple example shows the 2D and resulting 3D image as it would be when cut.

The same design with the v-notch reversed will no longer convert to 3D. This is the result of gaps on top of the design.


It is recommended that designs be created such that the top (purple) line is inside to avoid situations with excessive gaps. When that is not possible, use the instructions below to correct the design to close the gaps.

The v-notch lines need to be extended to create a complete loop on both the top and the bottom. To do this, add conlines at an appropriate distance beyond the lines that must be extended (CAL for 45 degree v-notch). Then use the Trim tool to extend the v-notch line(s) to create the necessary closed loop as shown in the image given below.

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