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The focus search is used to determine the most exact focus position of the laser for plate imaging. Typically, twenty lines (referred to as tracks) are engraved at different laser focus positions.


  1. Mount a plate on the drum.
  2. Launch Expose and move the laser to the correct starting position based on your plate position.
  3. Go to Options > Focus Search.
  4. Select the Plate Material Type and Thickness.
  5. Click the Advanced box to change the settings below (leave the rest as is):
    1. 0.05mm Axial advance                                                                                             
    2. 0.05mm Focus advance
  6. If the plate is a partial, check the Partial Plate check box.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. In the Expose, click the Start (green) button to image.
  9. After the CDI has finished imaging, you will be prompted to decide which of these tracks is the most focused. Use a microscope to identify the Best Track. The Best Track should be in the middle and will look the sharpest, thinnest and crispest. 
  10. Enter the number of the line (left to right) in the Best Track field as prompted.
  11. Continue to run focus until Best Track is line 10.
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