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This article explains the current state of how Attribute Categories work and what future enhancements are currently in development in ArtiosCAD.

New Designs

ArtiosCAD will always use the Attribute Category set in ArtiosCAD defaults when a new design is saved. ArtiosCAD defaults will override WebCenter project specific Attribute Categories or Attribute Categories assigned to a new Project Template when saving a new design.

If no Attribute Category is set in defaults, the user will receive a warning after clicking OK on the Database Information Window. The user will be able to continue after clicking OK.

Currently, ArtiosCAD will still show the default Attribute Categories in the browser window and Database Information Window of the saved design even if no Attribute Category is assigned in defaults. This will be changed in version 14.0.1 so that the current Default setting will be displayed.

Other enhancements coming in version 14.0.1

New Versions and Revisions:

When publishing a new version or revision of a document, the Attribute Category is untouched. This includes not setting an Attribute Category if no Category was set on the document in WebCenter. In 14.0.1, the enhancement will be that the Database Information Window will be updated to show the current Attribute Category set on the design in WebCenter.

When doing a Save As of a document and creating a New Document, the Default Attribute Category will be used. The Default will be used regardless of the current Attribute Category of the source document. Currently, the document's Attribute Category is retained.

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