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I see a code number in an error message in a Nexus log file. How do I look up the meaning of the code?

An example error message: "Error: 'Eebj' (Error exception. Couldn't open destination file. (-61)".

In this case, the error code number is -61.


The error code numbers refer to system errors which are returned by the file system on which your Nexus runs. This can be either Windows or Mac OS X.

If the Nexus Server is running on Mac OS X, you can look up a very general explanation of the error message via these steps:

  1. Open the Mac OS X utility application Terminal. This is in the utility folder on your server. Apply the short cut Command-SHIFT-U in the Mac OS X Finder to open the folder which contains the application Terminal.
  2. In Terminal, type the command as below (replace -61 by the code which your error message returned)

    macerror -61
  3. Terminal will now return a general description of the error, which should give you an idea what kind of problem occurred. Code -61 will return "write permissions error", which means that Mac OS X does not have the correct permissions to write a file in the destination folder.

If the Nexus Server is running on Windows, you can search for the general description of the error code on this web site:

As the description of the error codes is very general and generated on the level of the operating system of the server, you will in most cases need to perform further investigation to find the root cause of the problem.

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