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Locked documents in WebCenter are documents that users are currently working on, for example in ArtiosCAD Enterprise or the CHILI editor. It could also be documents that users have downloaded and manually flagged as locked, to prevent others from working on them in the meantime.

In some cases, as an Administrator, you may want to unlock a set of documents. This article describes how to do so.


To unlock a set of documents as an Administrator:

  1. Choose Project Management > Find Locked Documents from the main Admin menu.
  2. Optionally filter for users by entering (part of) their last name in the Search Users by Last Name field and clicking Go.
  3. Select the document(s) to unlock by enabling the corresponding check boxes.
  4. Click Unlock checked items.

Also see: Find and Unlock Locked Documents.

To unlock your own locked documents,

  1. Choose My WebCenter > My Locked Documents from the main menu.
  2. Select the documents you want to unlock and click Unlock checked items.
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