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Trying to trap a file with PowerTrapper Client from Mac and it fails with the following errors:

  • "Input File Not Found".
  • "DeskPack Task: Error while executing subtask".


Trapping any file with PowerTrapper Client and it fails with the following message:


The task folder on the DeskPackContainer has become corrupt.

On the Mac:

  1. Check the Mac name, System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name, for any non-alpha-numeric characters including apostrophes. If any exist, remove them.
  2. Quit Adobe® Illustrator®.
  3. Open the DeskPackContainer.
  4. Delete any folder(s) that contain the name and any variations, of the Mac you are working on.
  5. Unmount the DeskPackContainer share.
  6. Restart Adobe® Illustrator®.
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PowerTrapper Client all versions

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