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It may sometimes become necessary for you to change the naming convention of the separated output of your NexusRIP. A reason might be that the output of the recto and verso of the same document has the same name, as a result, the last created file overwrites the first created file.


  1. Open the workflow which needs modification.
  2. Open the rasterizer or assembler.
  3. Click the Output icon. 
  4. The right pane gives you the number of options available to create a naming convention.
  5. Drag options from the left pane to the right pane to add.

The example given below shows you parameters that can be used to obtain unique filenames for outputted TIFF files.

(info)click to enlarge

It's a common mistake that people think that the copy file module is also used for renaming or naming of files. This is not true, the copy file action will only copy the original file from point A to B without renaming.

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As an alternative you can use the rename file action to obtain a similar result.