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I am installing Curve Pilot 14 from the Imaging Engine DVD / ISO and get the following question "The build version of the product is lower than the build version of the installed product. Old : 24 -> New : 23. Do you still want to replace the product?".


You can safely answer Yes for this question.

The official Curve Pilot 14 version for Suite 14 Assembly 1 is build version 23. Unfortunately a first Assembly 2 build slipped onto the Extra folder of the Automation Engine 14 DVD / ISO.

If you first install the Automation Engine DVD (as the approved installation workflow says), and then manually select the Curve Pilot installer from the Extra folder of that DVD, and then move to the IE DVD, the chain installer will pop up with this warning, because a higher version was installed previously.

On the IAP for Windows DVD / ISO the Curve Pilot installer is also available, but it contains a preliminary and outdated version (build 10 instead of build 23). If you happen to have this version installed, better upgrade to either build 23 (from the IE DVD) or build 24 (from the Automation Engine DVD), depending on what DVDs you already have available.

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