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ArtiosIO can be used to enable ArtiosCAD to output to serial devices on other computers on the network that require two way communication between ArtiosCAD and the device, e.g.: DataTech plotters.

This document will outline the steps needed to get ArtiosIO running on a computer, so that ArtiosCAD can use it.

Please see the ArtiosCAD documentation page on Adding Output Destinations for instructions on how to add an Output Destination that will use ArtiosIO to output to a device.


  1. In the Control Panel of the system the device is connected to, switch either to Small icons or Large icons view.
  2. Select the ArtiosIO control panel. This will show a screen similar to this
  3. Click the Change button to enable you to change the settings.
  4. Select your preferred startup type for the ArtiosIO Server (typically Automatic) and click Start. The server should start running.
  5. If you are using Windows Firewall, an exception to allow ArtiosIO traffic to your computer will be allowed automatically. If you are using another firewall, you will need to add an exception to allow incoming traffic for any protocol to the program C:\Esko\Artios\Common\Program\ArtiosIO.exe (or wherever ArtiosCAD is installed).
  6. All users connecting to the ArtiosIO Server will need to have login access to the computer that the ArtiosIO server is running on. If the computer is on a domain, then it will be sufficient to grant the domain user access to login over the network. If the computer is not on a domain, then a local user with the same username and password as the remote user will need to be created and given access to login to the computer over the network.
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