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It is possible to create a custom verification strip for FlexProofE. You’d need two things: a TIFF file of the strip and an IT8 file that describes the expected results.


  1. The best option is to copy and modify an existing TIFF and matching IT8 chart instead of starting from scratch. Use a TIFF and IT8 for the spectro that you want to create a custom strip for.
    1. TIFF location: \ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlStrip.
    2. IT8 location: \ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlCharts\.
  2. Modify the colors in the TIFF and place the TIFF file here: \ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlStrip.
  3. The TIFF file name must end with a suffix that denotes the spectro to be used, such as DTP41IO, i1SPECTROSCAN, etc.
  4. Example: IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2009 IO.tif, IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2009 iSis.tif.
  5. Create an IT8 file describing the layout:
    1. Edit an existing it8 in a text editor.
    2. The patches are notated by row and column, with row 1 being a, row 2 being b etc., and column 1 being the leftmost column, 2 the next, etc. The patch values are denoted by CMYK values, for example:
      A1    100    0    0    60
  6. Here the ink value is 100 cyan, 0 magenta, 0 yellow, and 60 black.
  7. Modify each changed patch values to the desired CMYK values.
  8. Place the IT8 file here: \ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlCharts\.
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