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The method for adjusting Tool Height for Ballpoint Pen, KissCut and Ink Tool was changed in XL Guide version 6065p04 released in November 2012.

Earlier, you adjusted these tools down until they touched the surface of the underlay and then added some additional depth (2-3 mm/ 0.08-0.1 in).
Now, the correct adjustment is when the tool touches the underlay. You shall not add any additional depth, as the additional depth is automatically added (3 mm/ 0.1 in).


  1. Go to the Configure tool holder indicated by this icon .
  2. Select the KissCut tool and click Adjust active tool.
  3. Click in the New setting window and type 0/zero and click Activate.
  4. Jog traverse until the KissCut tool is in an area where there is no material.
  5. Click the arrow down icon on the Operator panel as indicated and described in the dialog. 
  6. Click the Down button in the dialog (alternatively, arrow down on keyboard) until the tip of the knife-blade "kisses" the underlay.
  7. The right height is now set for KissCut tool.
  8. Depending on material, you need to adjust the knife force/ pressure by turning the screw on top of tool: clockwise for more force and counter clockwise for less force.
  9. A second Pressure Unit is available in your toolkit, for hard laminated vinyl or other hard materials. 

You should always have some extra material or copies to set up the force of the knife tip in the specific material before starting production. Either run the actual job or a simple shape.

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