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When trapping a file with PowerTrapper, the Viewer flickers and the application hangs.


When trapping a file with PowerTrapper, the Viewer starts to flicker and the application hangs (trapping can take up to 30 minutes).


There is no actual solution for the problem, but there is a workaround.

The problem is an unhappy combination of:

  1. Merge Similar inks is OFF.
  2. Same ink with different lineatures present in the file.
  3. Viewer is open.

It is not a problem when the Viewer is closed. This is caused because the option Merge Similar Inks is switched off in the Viewer dialog. This flag should always be switched on.

  1. Turn the "Merge Similar inks" option ON via Viewer > Preview > arrow on the right > Merge Similar ink.
  2. Make sure that the Viewer is closed.
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PackEdge 12.x and newer

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