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Automation Engine needs a 'system account': a Windows user account that is used to run Automation Engine's services (for example BGMD) and to connect to other network components (for example to access files on a remote file server).

WebCenter and Imaging Engine make use of Automation Engine components and therefore also have this system account.

When Automation Engine is first installed, a user is asked to define what the system account will be. Older versions of Automation Engine however came with a default user name (BGSYSTEM) and a default password. A user could always change this user name and password after installation, but this was not enforced.

If your initial installation of Automation Engine, Imaging Engine or WebCenter was done before version 20 and the system account was not changed after installation, we recommend you to change it now. If you don't know whether the password you use is the default one, contact customer support.

Changing the default password

The system account password must be changed using the dedicated tool in the Server Admin web pages.

Go to the the Server Admin web pages (http://<name of your server>:9999) and go to 'System Account'. Type in the Old Password, then the New Password and the Confirm your new password. 

Make sure to set a strong password.

This change will be propagated to all connected Assistants and Imaging Engines.

(warning) Important:

Instead of just changing the password for the default user BGSYSTEM, you can also configure a different user as system account. More information can be found in the Automation Engine manual, chapter "Automation Engine Server Management" -> "The AE Server ADMIN web page" -> "System Account")

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