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In WebCenter 14.0, an optimization in the database view for getting the list of projects for a given user was done. Unfortunately, there is an error in the view. In some cases, when the user is invited to the project via a group or role, the project will not show up in the list of this user's projects (the Projects page). 


A Project Manager does not see all projects on the Projects page. Projects that are managed by a user other than the user, where he is invited via a group or role, are missing. 

The problem occurs in the following situation: 

  • The user that is logged in is a PM user.
  • The project's manager is a user (not necessarily the same user that is logged in).
  • The user is invited to the project via a group or a via a group assigned to a role.


Please call your local support department with reference to this Knowledge Base article.

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WebCenter 14.0

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