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When trying to save a file, the following database error appears: "invalid pointer".


  • This will happen if the workstation is running a 32-bit operating system and connecting to a 64-bit database. For example, if the workstation is running Windows XP and it is connecting to a SQL 2012 database, this error will occur.
  • Another scenario with Windows 7 64-bit and SQL 2012 64-bit Artios 14.0. When saving a design inside a resource recording the data on the database, the error occurs.


From ArtiosCAD version 12.1 onwards, Windows XP is no longer certified. The workstation needs to be upgraded to a certified 64-bit operating system.

The following link is the system requirements for ArtiosCAD 12.1 and newer:

For the second scenario, make sure that Windows 7 is up to date. Run windows update app and also ensure that .NetFramework 3.5 is present.

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ArtiosCAD 12.1 and newer

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