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How to View Multiple Color Separations in bitmap viewer on CDI?


Loading the File

  1. In Grapholas Merge or DFS, load the necessary files onto the CDI machine (this copies the files from the server to the CDI hard drive and ensures that you are loading the files from the local computer instead of loading them across the network).
  2. After the files are loaded into Merge, click the file and then the eyeball icon (second from left top). If you wish to open multiple files, hold down the Shift key and click each file and a red outline box will appear. When done, click the eyeball icon and it will open all colors. In order to open more than one color, the files have to be from same job or file name.

For example: Customer _112123_Y.len

                    Customer _112123_M.len

                    Customer _112123_C.len

                    Customer _112123_K.len

                    Customer _112123_495.len

On custom PMS colors, the viewer doesn’t know what color to show the file and it needs the user’s help. If this is the case, follow the steps below:

Channel Colors

  1. Double click the unknown color name or the color name to be changed under the channel menu on right side.
  2. Under the Display color definition, click the down arrow to assign a Color from the installed PMS library or in the box type in PMS number.

Measurement Distances in a File

  1. Under Tools on top right side, click the Ruler.
  2. Click mouse to set a point and move to measure a distance.
  3. The display will have distance and angle.

Help Menu

On the top right is the ? icon, click this for a full HTML help menu.

You can either use ESKO Bitmap Viewer in the merge program, or stand-alone bitmap viewer shortcut on desktop.

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