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Creating template for Report Maker. I am unable to see the SmartNames job parameter. How can these be added to the template?


  1. In Automation Engine Client/Pilot, Create a Job for the Report Maker templates. Make sure the Job has the same data as your Jobs in order to pick up the Job Parameter SmartNames.
  2. Open PackEdge.
  3. Browse to Report Maker template file and open. Then save the file in the Job that you have created for the templates.
  4. Job Parameters that are available in the Job you have created will now be available in the SmartText fields in SmartMarks.
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  1. Anonymous

    I´m trying to get a report maker from a Riped file, I mean, I want to get a PDF with the info about the icpro, dgc, angle, ruling, dot shape, resolution, etc from the LEN or Tiff generated, is that possible? I mean, with a ticket a report maker or something like that?

    Thank you very much