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This article is relevant to users who buy/bought FlexRip without Automation Engine.

When trying to launch Automation Engine Pilot (FlexRip Pilot), it displays the following error:

"There is no license available to start this application".


You cannot launch Pilot to configure your FlexRip. The following error appears:


Basically, Automation Engine Pilot checks for Pilot connection license FlexRip Pilot XX connections (xx is the number of Pilot connections) while the Automation Engine Pilot is launched.

In case if it does not get this license/ if license is missing, you won’t be able to launch Pilot.

  1. Check if License Manager service is running in Windows Services (go to Start > Run > type services.msc) and start Services.
  2. Check if you have license for FlexRip Pilot connections FlexRip Pilot XX connections in your Network License Manager. If it is missing, please contact Esko support for missing license (xx is the number of Pilot connections).
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