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Some options are shown but greyed out as not licensed. For example, if I create a new Color Strategy, the Dot Gain Simulation does not show in the list:


When opening an existing Color Strategy on Color Engine Pilot to adjust the Dot Gain Simulation, the items in the window are greyed out and are not editable. The options that were licensed and were previously present no longer appears.


Only the options that are licensed are available. 

First ensure that the Color Engine Pilot is installed and licensed correctly for these options.

To review the available license(s), see:

To check that Color Engine Pilot is correctly picking up the available license(s), check the License field on the application's start-up screen: 

If the start-up screen is showing the correct license but the required functionality is still hidden or disabled, this means that a Custom Workspace has been defined and options have been removed from being shown. This will also cause the options to be greyed out when a previously saved file is using those options.

To resolve:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Workspace tab.
  2. Check options that need to be enabled or change from Custom to All Settings.

More information can be found in the user guide:

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Applies to

Color Engine Pilot 12 and newer

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