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Do I really need to install the WebCenter licenses on the WebCenter Application Server, or can I add them on another server? Since WebCenter uses Network licenses, can I not just install them on another server?

I got an error during the installation of ArtiosCAD, now WebCenter shows a license error and I cannot login. What should I do? Do I really need to install ArtiosCAD on the WebCenter Application Server? 


To install and run WebCenter properly, the following always need to be installed on the WebCenter Application Server:

  • ArtiosCAD Enterprise (same version as delivered with WebCenter) - for CAD-X functionality and licensing services.
  • WebCenter Application Server.
  • Network License Components (from the ArtiosCAD DVD).

Following are recommended to install on the Application Server, but not required:

  • Network Licenses for WebCenter, CAD Engine, OBGE and any additional WebCenter licenses. In case of another server, do not forget to also install the Network License Components.

Set up the “Artios CAD License Type Configuration" tool to look for the licenses on the dedicated license server (via the hostname).

In case ArtiosCAD and/or the Network License Components could not be installed properly for some reason, please try uninstalling and installing again. Make sure all prerequisites are in order.

For more instructions, also see:

Install the Application Server Components in the WebCenter User Documentation.

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