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When using a Database List with one of the List column names ending on DESC or ASC (case is irrelevant), you can run into problems when trying to link the List to Attributes (Lists as Cascading Dropdowns). An error message may appear.

This issue is solved in WebCenter version 14.1. A workaround is available for the current release version.


  • In the Excel sheet, there are one or more column names ending on DESC or ASC (case is irrelevant).
  • When using the List in your Attribute Category, you see following error message:
    "Cannot check on autocomplete: checkAutoSelectlazyLoading code 000: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'ASC'."


The problem will be fixed in WebCenter version 14.1.


To resolve the issue on your current WebCenter:

  1. Rename the column name in Excel to not end on DESC or ASC (case is irrelevant).
  2. Delete the old List.
  3. Recreate the List with the same name.
  4. Go to the Attribute Category and relink the Attribute(s) to column(s) with the changed name.
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WebCenter 14.0 and newer

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