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How to switch the WebCenter Oracle database from one server and/or port to another?

When switching databases, it is always recommended to re-install WebCenter. Manually adapting configuration files is not recommended, as this may lead to problems later on. The solution described in this article is only valid in case a custom port number is used for the Oracle database, or in case you are changing the port number.


 If your Oracle database uses a custom port number, or if you are switching ports, you can follow these steps:

  1. Locate the following file on the Application Server and open it with an XML editor: /Esko/Artios/WebCenter/ApplicationServer/Jboss/server/default/deploy/wc5-ds.xml.
  2. Update the file with the correct information about the path to the new database server and/or port.
  3. Now, locate and modify the following file: \Esko\Artios\WebCenter\ServerTools\update_database.bat.
  4. Update the file with the new database information, see example below:

    rem ----------------------------
    rem Default values (Oracle only)
    rem ----------------------------
    rem port for Oracle
    set _DEF_PORT=1521
    rem service name for Oracle
    set _DEF_SERVICE=WCenter
    rem SA user
    set _DEF_databaseA_USER=sys
    rem string data type
    set _DEF_STRING_DATA_TYPE=varchar2
    rem data tablespace
    rem temporary tablespace
    rem index tablespace

    The information in this example (e.g. port number 1521) may not be the same for your system. Please consult with your Database Administrator before modifying and running this script.

    The rem statements are "remarks". Meaning that any line starting with rem will not be executed as a script. 

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