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When trying to create a Push Through Configuration using a UNC path (typically a share on a separate server), an error is returned stating that the folder is not accessible. 


When trying to create a Push Through Configuration using a UNC path an error is returned:

"The destination folder you have selected, does not exists or is not accessible".


To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Verify if the shared folder exists on the server. If not, create it. If the share does exist, the user running the WebCenter service probably does not have access to the share.
  2. Check the user account that is running the WebCenter JBoss service on the Application Server.
    1. On the Application Server, go to Server Manager > Services and locate the WebCenter JBoss service.
    2. Check the user name that is listed in the Log On As column. By default, this is the local user BGSystem (.\BGSYSTEM).
  3. Make sure the local (BGSystem or other) user also exists on the external server and has full access (read and write) on the folder/share you wish to access.
    1. To verify whether the user has access, log on to the WebCenter Application Server with this particular user account and try to access the share (\\externalserver\share). If you do not get the folder content directly (for instance, you get a log in window first), WebCenter will not be able to access it either. You will first have to resolve this (permissions, network, etc) before WebCenter will be able to use the share. (WARNING - see comment on the internal version of this KB for SaaS environments)

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