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When performing a Check and Recalibrate, I receive the following error:

"Recalibration error: SpectroProofer is not installed".


Solution A: If an inline measuring device is present

  • Check if your SpectroProofer is correctly plugged in (Power cable + USB) 
  • Check if the spectrophotometer is correctly fitted inside the SpectroProofer
  • Check if all cables are fitted correctly in the proofer
  • Restart the proofer if necessary to recognize the SpectroProofer

Solution B: If an inline measuring device is not present

When an inline measuring device such as the SpectroProofer is not present, connect your offline spectrophotometer such as i1 or i1IO to your Color Engine Pilot.

Start from the beginning by performing a Check & Recalibrate, but use the offline method.

Color Engine Pilot will immediately connect with the spectrophotometer and provide the correct charts to be printed on the selected Proofer.

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Color Engine Pilot

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