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Is it required to (re)assign the structural design file (CAD) in Studio Visualizer after it was exported from Adobe® Illustrator® using the Open in Visualizer option?


When you export a file from Adobe® Illustrator® to Visualizer using the File > Open in Visualizer option:

  1. If the Adobe® Illustrator® file already has a linked structural design file placed, then the same structural design file will automatically be exported along with the Adobe® Illustrator® document and opened in Studio Visualizer. No need to reassign the structure as you will automatically see a 3D folded representation.
  2. If the Adobe® Illustrator® file does not contain a linked structural design file, then you will have to load/open/place it manually in Visualizer using the Import Into... option or via the Model > Structure > Alignment dialog.
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Studio Visualizer all versions

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