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This article explains what to do if the HTML5 Viewer cannot be loaded and you see a blank screen instead. This issue can occur if WebCenter does not have access to wcr-static or web-viewer folders on the Web Server.


One or more of the following symptoms may occur:

  • The HTML5 Viewer cannot be loaded.
  • The HTML5 Viewer just shows a blank page.
  • The browser's JavaScript console shows errors:
    • Files in webcenterurl/web-viewer cannot be found or could not be accessed (e.g. require.js or config.js).
    • Files in webcenterurl/wcr-static cannot be found or could not be accessed (e.g. require.js or config.js).
  • In WebCenter 14.1 and newer: The Troubleshooting Tool test Web Server Static Content [WCR141_TST_040] fails. 

To access the Troubleshooting Tool, navigate to: WEBCENTERURL/WebCenter_Inst/tstools/index.html or choose Admin > Configuration > Troubleshooting Tool in the main Admin menu.


WebCenter 14.1 and newer

Configure IIS and firewalls to allow access to files located in the wcr-static folder on the Web Server (webcenterurl/wcr-static). The Troubleshooting Tool test Web Server Static Content [WCR141_TST_040] indicates if that directory is accessible or not.

WebCenter 14.0.x

Configure IIS and firewalls to allow access to files located in the web-viewer folder on the Web Server (webcenterurl/web-viewer).


A workaround is to use the Java Viewer. You can update your choice via My Preferences. Remark that support for Java applets in browsers is diminishing. The HTML5 Viewer also has a much better user experience.

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