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WebCenter Workflow Tasks may fail while trying to launch a Workflow on Automation Engine, with an error message "Workflow was not registered correctly on Automation Engine".

This article describes common root causes for this issue.


WebCenter Workflow Tasks, using the Submit to Automation Engine node, fail with the following error message: "Workflow was not registered correctly on Automation Engine".

The Workflow on Automation Engine starts and finishes to completion.


This issue may occur for several reasons, though no real root cause has been identified yet. The problem is known to occur after:

  • A full reboot of WebCenter and Automation Engine, during processing.
  • A power outage, which resulted in a full reboot of WebCenter and Automation Engine.

Verify or fix the following items, which have proven to overcome this issue:

  1. Verify that the Database Check in the Troubleshooting Tool is green.

    In case of any errors, please consult the servertools.log and take proper action. Also see:

  2. Verify that the Workflow Connection used, is valid and active.
  3. Verify that the Workflow Connection used, does not start with https://, but with http://.
  4. On your work machine or Automation Engine Server:
    1. Start the Automation Engine Pilot.
    2. Log in with an administrative account (for example: bgsystem).
    3. Choose Tools > Configure > Automation Engine Databases from the main menu.
    4. Verify that the connection to all databases is correct by clicking the Test Connection button.

In case the above did not work, the JDF Server of the Automation Engine can be restarted completely:

  1. Obtain the P(rocess) ID(entifier) of the JDFServer:
    1. On your work station, open the Diagnostics tool.
    2. Scroll down until you find JDFServer-1. Note the PID in the third column.
  2. On the Automation Engine Server:
    1. Open the Windows Task Manager.
    2. Select the Processes tab.
    3. If there is no PID column added, add it manually by:
      1. Choosing View > Select Columns.
      2. Select PID from the list.
    4. Look for the PID you retrieved from the Diagnostics tool, for the JDFServer-1.
    5. End the java.exe process.
    6. The JDF Server will be started again automatically by the BGMD process.

If all of the above fails, the debug level of the JDF Server will have to be increased, for further investigation. Please contact your local Support Department and refer to this Knowledge Base article.

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Applies to

WebCenter 14.0 and newer

Automation Engine 14.0 and newer

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