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This article is part of a greater article dealing with PDF/X-4. Read trough it to gain more information on what this article is about:

Altona Test Suite 2.0 Results

The Altona Test Suite results indicate where the changes in Tickets apply and where improvements are made. Patches are discussed individually to give a broad idea of what works and not. Only the results are discussed, the technical information about the patches are well described in the Altona documentation and can be used to check what exactly is tested.

We highly recommend to read the Altona documentation for each patch as you go trough this result page. This will provide the best angle on what is an accurate or inaccurate rendering.

When comparing the results of the test suite, we check the rendered part of the image and compare it to the pixelated parts of the image (indicated with ). Then we compare that result for these four variations:

  • OnDemand: This is the ticket used to provide optimal support for PDF/X 4.0.
  • WebCenter: The standard rendering ticket for the viewer.
  • PackEdge: How PackEdge renders the same files (different rendering engine).
  • Adobe Acrobat: The general standard for rendering PDF's.
Due to a different rendering engine, when comparing WebCenter to PackEdge, you clearly see a color difference. As noted before, this is because the color rendering is different between WebCenter and PackEdge. However, this does not affect the technical tests done with the Altona Patches as we have to compare to the pixelated reference image with the rendered image.
Scroll right in the table below to see all columns in the comparison.
A correct result for the OnDemand ticket will be shown with a . Extra information will be added when there is a difference between the 4 variations.
Patch Id




Adobe Acrobat






Because we set up the OnDemand ticket to respect color profiles, we see a correct handling of these images. We clearly see that the WebCenter ticket does not respect the color profile. It converts the colors to CMYK.


Although difficult to spot in this image, when viewed in the WebCenter Viewer there is a distinct improvement in the technical rendering with the OnDemand ticket. This is on the same level as the Adobe Acrobat render. Both PackEdge and the WebCenter tickets are rendering inaccurately.




In the letter A part, we can see the Web Viewer does not render the second A correctly. Where the bottom square should be red it is black.

In the letter C we can see improvements in the transparency resolving leading to a correct result for the OnDemand ticket

Overall, the rendering of the OnDemand ticket is better than the WebCenter ticket and PackEdge. But is not as accurate as Adobe Acrobat which renders the patch correctly.


We clearly see that shadings are less saturated. Only the axial shading and radial shading perform on par because they use Nchannel where the other images are set up to use RGB ICC profiles. This for all four variations. No one can perfectly render the shadings.



The topmost segment part is better rendered with OnDemand. It respects the Lab values when converting. Compared with Adobe Acrobat, we achieve the same quality level render.




The technical render of this image is correct in all applications. The fact that we see different colors is due to difference in color rendering.


We can clearly see that the WebCenter Ticket is rendering less imprecise as the OnDemand Ticket. This is not due to respecting the color profiles attached to the images.

In the OnDemand part we see some minor inaccuracies when JPEG 2000 is used. Compared to Adobe Acrobat we are on the same level except for the JPEG 2000 patches.


Here, we see a correct result for all parts but the first one (top left). There we see that the optional content that is set to non visible, is visible.

Adobe Acrobat does handle all objects accurate.


Although some minor color differences appear, these patches can be considered correct (see Altona documentation for more details).


In this patch and the next, color differences can no longer be ignored. Conversion and transparency are no longer rendered accurately (see Altona documentation for more details), this is for both PackEdge and WebCenter Tickets.

Adobe Acrobat manages to accurately render the patch.

ZFor these patches all the variations are rendering wrong. None of the tested applications are capable of handling isolated ICCbasedGray profiles.
Page Label

This patch tells us that the OnDemand ticket respects both transparency flattening and output intent of the original document. As does Adobe Acrobat. Both PackEdge and the WebCenter tickets are rendering inaccurate on the bottom patch.


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