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Adobe® Illustrator® will not start up and seems to hang at "Updating font menu..." on the Adobe® Illustrator® splash screen.


When starting Adobe® Illustrator® the program seems to be hanging indefinitely. Slow startups or hangs during startup often indicate a problem with the connection to the Network License Server.

If the Network License Server name cannot be resolved (nslookup of server name fails), the plugins will not be able to get their licenses, but they will keep on trying for quite some time, preventing Illustrator to startup.
Or in case the Network License Server simply cannot be connected, the plugins will also prevent a startup of Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Close all the programs
  2. Go to user's home directory > Library > Preferences > ByHost and delete the file, com.esko.LicensePreferences....plist.
  3. Restart Adobe® Illustrator®.

If you are using a Network License:

  1. In Adobe® Illustrator® go to: Help > Esko > Esko Plug-ins....
  2. At the bottom, click Network License Setup....
  3. Enter the Name of the server the licenses are activated on.
  4. Click the Check button to confirm you can access the license server.
  5. Restart Adobe® Illustrator®.
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