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Pack Proof allows to install the Imaging Engine and the Proof Server software on two different servers (as opposed to the mandatory FlexProofE rule of having both FlexProof and the Proof Server software on the same server).

With this particular setup, a ProofFolder share is available on the Imaging Engine server instead of the Proof Server server (the RipServer component creates the ProofFolder share in case of Pack Proof) with the consequence that the Pack Proof output file (PDF) must be copied from the ProofFolder share to the Proof Server in order to proof the job.

The copy process will only work when the Proof Server service running with a Local System account (an account with the same privileges as a local administrator account) can access the ProofFolder share (Share Permissions are set to Everyone, i.e., Every local account). So, if a local administrator account on the Proof Server server doesn't exist on the Imaging Engine server then the copy process will fail!

The job will fail with the following symptoms:

  • The "send to proof server" task will error out with as message: "Error message: Job cannot be recognized".
  • The job in the Proof Client queue will get the status "Not supported" and be removed out of the queue.

You can either execute the described procedure below or install the Imaging Engine on the Proof Server server to solve this issue!

The procedure below will be obsolete in Suite 14 Assembly 7 as the PDF will be copied TO the proof server by the Imaging Engine software.


  1. Open the Computer Management window on the Proof Server server
    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Type management in the search field.
  2. Add a BGSYSTEM user (ask Esko for password) to the Users group (Local Users and Groups / Users).
  3. Open the Services window on the Proof Server server.

    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Type services in the search field.
  4. Select the Esko Proof Server service.

  5. Right click to open the Contextual menu and click Properties.
  6. Click the Log On tab.
  7. Click This account.
  8. Type BGSYSTEM in the Enter the object name to select field and click the Check Names button.
  9. Click the OK button to close the Select User or Service Account window.
  10. Click the OK button to close the Esko Proof Server Properties window.
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Pack Proof 14.1

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