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I've seen the Epson announcement about the new Epson SureColor P7000 and P9000 models:

When will the support be added in FlexProof/e or Pack Proof?


Both models will be supported.

In the first phase, a CT driver will be made available in Pack Proof 14.1.1 (due for release at the end of 2015).
Any Pack Proof customer with a maintenance contract will be able to update to 14.1.1 and take advantage of the new proofing devices.

With the CT driver, you will be able to make a proof with all the inks (including the new Violet ink). The only limitation of a CT driver is that the advanced ink limitation options in the linearziation tool are locked. An HT driver is expected as well but the release date is not known yet.
For information on devices supported by Pack Proof see, PackProof system requirements.
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