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I created a new output device and selected an Epson SureColor P-series CT driver but there are no EPL files (Calibration set) available. Where can I find them?

Compatibility with the Epson SureColor P-series

Epson SureColor P-series support is added from Suite 14 Assembly 7 onward with a CT driver!

Note that an HT driver is available in the April release (16.0.2) of the Esko Software Platform suite. Please update to this release if you aim for the highest color accuracy! The HT driver gives a better match for spot colors in overprint with process colors and is mandatory for dot proofing. You can also benefit from the new v16 generic Esko EPL files when working with the HT driver which results in less banding and an improved color accuracy in the green area.

HT driver related KB articles:

KB185615059: FlexProofE, Pack Proof - How to install and use generic Esko EPL files?

KB184720276: Pack Proof - How to make a contract proof on an Epson SureColor P50x0, P70x0 and P90x0 with the HT driver


Esko EPL files for the Epson SureColor P-series CT driver are not available on the IEP DVD, neither are they part of the Esko Profiles installer.

You can download the EPL for the P7000/P7080and P9000/P9080 here > v14 Epson SureColor Px0x0CT_720x720_V.epl.

  • EPL properties:
    • 720x720 RIP resolution
    • 720x1440 Print resolution
    • Ink Type: EPSON UltraChrome HDX (Violet)

It is highly recommended to follow the setup guide for the P-series model:


Esko only creates EPL files for the contract proofing application, as such there are no EPL files for the P60x0 and P80x0 models (Inkset: C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, and PK or MK) available!

EPL files created by EFI are also available but on the IEP DVD:

x:\Packages\proofsrv_v141\Hotfix\Epson SC

If you don't find one for your paper then have a look here:

Application for EPL files created by EFI

EPL files created by EFI should not be used for contract proofing! Use them only in case of content proofing.

EPL installation instructions

Download installer - Esko Proof Server 14.1.1 05 Jan 16.

  1. Install the 14.1.1 upgrade.
  2. Browse the ISO to this folder: x:\Packages\proofsrv_v141\Hotfix.
  3. The zip file contains two folders. Copy folders to this folder: C:\ProgramData\Esko\Esko Profiles\Epson.
  4. Install both Hotfixes in from the folder: x:\Packages\proofsrv_v141\Hotfix.
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