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FlexProof task errors. Tasks do not continue to the Send to Proofer task.

If you view the log file on the task, it sits at this point for a few minutes and then errors out.

--------------------- Start creation of wrapper strip ---------------------

Log file will show these messages.

    --------------------- Start creation of verification strip ---------------------

    INFO: will use EPSON (embedded) as verification measuring device

    INFO: Creating verification info for EFI strip

    INFO: Wrapping TIFF file in PDF

    --------------------- Start creation of wrapper strip ---------------------

    Error: caught exception while creating a verification strip bassed on a tiff

    Error: could not create PDF strip of EFI tiff!

    ERROR: Error while creating the verification strip!


The FlexProof tasks with verification strip applied use the Create Wrapper task in the background to wrap the verification strip with the file being proofed. This task will be sent to the CPU queue on the Automation Engine. The Create Wrapper task will not show in the Tasks view but only in the Queue monitor.

In this case the queue was stalled with a large file trapping, and all new tasks were waiting behind the trapping task. If the Create Wrapper task does not complete in a timely manner, the FlexProof task will error with the above messages.


Add more processing queues to the Automation Engine configuration.



  1. Go to the Queue monitor in Pilot.
  2. Highlight the Create Wrapper task.
  3. Right click and choose Priority > Immediate.
  4. This will force the task to process and the proofing / verification tasks will continue.
  5. You will also need to do the same for the Send to Proofer task in the queue monitor.
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Applies to

FlexProof 14.1

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Case Number00559537