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After FastImpose 14 is installed from the FastImpose download from, launching FastImpose 14 gives a CMS error.

"TCMS_common_init() : Expected subfolder structure not present".


When launching FastImpose 14 Standalone, the following error message appears:

Error:  Error in TCMS_common)init() : Expected subfolder structure not present.

CMS Error


The FastImpose 14 installation installs a CMS directory "cms_v010" in C:\Esko\bg_data_fastimposent_v140\ locally, but this CMS directory is empty. There should be a "w" and "r" folder inside. But in 99% of the cases you don't want to use FastImpose as a standalone application but want to use it with the Automation Engine Server. Therefore you need to change to setup the FastImpose application as a Server base application so FastImpose looks to the Server for the CMS directory.

  1. Switch your FastImpose application to server mode by double clicking the bat file "Switch2Server.bat" from this directory: C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastimposent_v140\com_win
  2. Restart FastImpose.
  3. You will need to fill in the Network server - close application.
  4. Restart FastImpose - fill in the Automation Engine Server if needed.

In case you are using FastImpose as a standalone application (without an Automation Engine Server):

  • Copy the "w" and "r" folders from another CMS directory (e.g. from the bg_data_packedge_v010).
  • Install the CMS package from the Automation Engine ISO or Imaging Engine ISO.

If you encounter further problems with CMS when starting FastImpose, please consult this KB:

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