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When tried to launch Cape Pack application (Client/server installation) from the client after accessing and running the "Client.exe" on the client, the error as shown in the screenshot below appears:


Cannot open Cape Pack application on any of the clients (Client/Server setup).


  1. Make sure that the users are created (as per the number of user license available) in the Network Administrator and try to login with a different user.
  2. Check if the directory/folder "Private" is available on the server where Cape Pack is installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\cape213\private). If not, add a new folder and name it as "Private".
  3. Click Yes on the window to open Network Administrator. Login with password "CAPE" and click the icon Create/Edit list of valid Users.
  4. Edit the user which gets this error and browse to the Private folder and click OK.
  5. Exit out of "Network Administrator" and relaunch Cape Pack.

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Cape Pack 2.13

Cape Pack 2.15

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