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The output TIFF files from your FlexRip are written in a temp folder and are not automatically removed. This makes your disk fill up.


When you use for e.g. FlexRip T4, the output TIFF files are written in this folder: C:\Esko\bg_data_flexript4_v140\tiffmono\Tmp

The folder fills up over time and the TIFF files are not automatically removed.


If the Path field in the Output File settings of the RIP to Screened Tiff File task is empty, then FlexRip will write the TIFF files in the tmp folder. And then the files will not be removed automatically. The below screenshot shows this empty Path field.

You can try either one of these options:

  • Set up an output folder in the Path field in the RIP to Screened Tiff File task in your Automation Engine workflow.
  • Specify the Output Location in your FlexRipT4 Dispatcher > Queue Settings... > TIFF MONO output tab sheet > Output Location.
  • Add a Copy or Move File task in your workflow, immediately after the RIP to Screened Tiff File task and select Move file.

If you set up either one of the above options, then for all next jobs, the TIFF files will not stay in the tmp folder. You will still need to manually remove older TIFF files from these folders.

The tmp folder can also contain other file types than TIFF. These should automatically be cleaned up by Automation Engine when the corresponding tasks are removed in the Automation Engine Tasks view.

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FlexRip 14.1.1

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