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UTF8 encoding is not supported by the Proof Server, hence Send to proof task fails if job name or folder contains Chinese characters.


Send a job that has Chinese characters in the file name and/or in the folder name, send that job to the Proof for Contract Approval, it will fail in the Send to proof task:

Error in task view details or in the log file:

Error message: Problem converting to local encoding.
Error message: Job cannot be recognized.


We expect a solution in one of the next Pack Proof versions.


What needs to be done is, change the Windows input locale on both Automation Engine Server and Proof Server (might be on the same server or on different servers).

This is how you can workaround the issue before the real fix in version 16 (below screenshots are from a Windows Server 2008 R2):

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Double click Region and Language to open it and go to the Administrative tab.
  3. Click Change system locale… and select Chinese (Simplified, PRC) in the drop-down menu (or whatever language you want to support).
  4. After clicking OK, the system asks to reboot.
  5. After adapting both servers and rebooting both, it should work.
  6. On the Automation Engine side, you’ll see:
  7. While on the Proof Client, you can also see the job with Chinese characters.
  8. If only one of the servers is changed, it won’t work at all.
  9. If the Automation Engine Server is not updated, the task will fail with error “Problem converting to local encoding” (visible in the Task view and log file):
  10. If the Proof Server is not updated, the task will fail with the error “Job cannot be recognized” (only visible in the log file, not in the Task view):


Same problem happens with other languages (e.g.: Japanese, Korean, etc.,), and this workaround will help. But you need to choose the corresponding input locale.

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