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When running a standard ArtiosCAD, you get the following error:

After closing this window, you can continue without issues.


The following error appears when running a standard ArtiosCAD:

ArtiosCAD Command Error:Expression: flu$
Error: Variable is not defined FLU$ ( flu$ )

The issue occurs when all of these are true:

  1. The standard contains a text variable that uses FLU$ to define it's value.
  2. The Units the 'standard' .ard file is saved with and the current units (Options > Units and Formatting) are different. One is in Inch and the other is in mm.


There are two ways to avoid this error  :

  1. Change the units before running the standard.
  2. Open the file newdesdoc.ard from your InstLib.
    1. Change the board that has a flute defined.
    2. Save the file.
Files located in the /InstLib folder should not be overwritten. Save the file in the appropriate /ServerLib or /ClientLib folder.
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