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In June 2016 the Ghent Workgroup ( released the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0. This test suite allows a users to test their workflow and systems for conformity to the ISO PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4 standards. 

The test suite and documentation can be downloaded from

Compared to the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0, version 5.0 contains additional patches to test ICC based objects allowed in PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7). The Ghent workgroup added these new patches to test device independent workflows. The patches do not use ICC based blending spaces in isolated transparency groups since their processing is not clearly defined in PDF 1.6 (base of PDF/X-4).

The Esko Software Platform, released in June 2016, is compatible with the named PDF/X standards (see the PDF/X-4 White paper on the Esko support site). 


To get conforming processing of PDF/X-4 files that can contain ICC based objects, it is advised to convert PDF/X-4 file to Esko Normalized PDF files using the normalization settings defined in the PDF/X-4 White paper on the Esko support site before further processing in an editor or workflow.

The  settings defined in this whitepaper will result in correct processing of the Ghent Output Suite 4.0 and 5.0 testpatches in workflows (1-up processing, step and repeat or imposition, proofing, RIP) using the Esko applications ArtPro, ArtPro+, PackEdge, Plato, DeskPack, Automation Engine, Imaging Engine, FlexRip and FlexProof.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 16.0 and newer

ArtPro+ 16.0 or newer

ArtPro 16.0 or newer

PackEdge 16.0 and newer

Plato 16.0 and newer

DeskPack 16.0 and newer

Imaging Engine 16.0 and newer

FlexRip 16.0 and newer

FlexProof 16.0 and newer

Last revised24-Jun-16