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I see some tasks are marked as "Soon Outdated",  when will these tasks be removed? 
(scroll down to see the list of the soon outdated tasks in Automation Engine 14).


These "Soon Outdated" tasks are no longer available in the next major version of the Automation Engine.
Currently speaking, Automation Engine v16.

Important note for customers who are still using these tasks

Please notice that when you upgrade to Automation Engine v16,  some of the "Soon Outdated" tasks will disappear or change to outdated and you can no longer use them any more.

This has been communicated via the user manual: Concept of (soon) outdated tasks.

Soon Outdated

A task is named Soon Outdated as a warning that it will no longer be available in the next major version of the Automation Engine.

This gives you at least one year

  • to replace this task by an alternative. This could be a newer task equivalent or a slightly different workflow. The alternative is mentioned in this documentation.
  • to contact Esko support in case the proposed alternative is not valid for you.


A Soon Outdated task becomes Outdated in the next major version: it is then no longer available in that software version.
  • Customers who never used that task type will not see any tickets.
  • Customers who had already created custom tickets of that task type will still see those tickets but notice that they no longer work.


In Automation Engine 14.1, you have the following tasks marked as "Outdated and Soon Outdated Tasks", so if customer is still using these tasks, please be warned before you upgrade to v16.
This info is also added to the "What's new in Automation Engine 16" PPT, to be found (once released) in:


The list of the Outdated and Soon Outdated Tasks in Automation Engine 14:
(most of them are removed in Automation Engine 16)


In the v14.1 user manual, you can also find their alternative tasks.

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