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I see some tasks are marked as "Soon Outdated".  When will these tasks be removed?  When is 'Soon'?


Tasks that are labeled "Soon Outdated" will no longer be available in the next major version of Automation Engine.

A major version is one that is numbered like this : 16.0, 16.1, 18.0, 18.1, 20.0 etc... Numbers like 18.1.1 or 20.0.1 are not major version numbers.

Note: Some tasks were labeled 'Soon Outdated' more than one version ago. This is because something came up that makes R&D postpone this decision.

All info about this concept is part of the AE Complete Manual: - Chapter 'Tasks and Workflow Controls' → Outdated and Soon Outdated Tasks in this version → Concept of (Soon) Outdated Tasks.

The user manual also mentions the alternative workflow or functionality you have time to prepare for. Tickets of such tasks offer direct links to this information.

Which tasks become 'Soon Outdated' is communicated in many ways, including the 'What's new?' document.

Summary of important information, as mentioned in the user manual:

  •  Soon Outdated

A task is named 'Soon Outdated' as a warning that it will no longer be available in the next major version of the Automation Engine.
This gives you at least one year 

    • to replace this task by an alternative. This could be a newer task equivalent or a slightly different workflow. The alternative is mentioned in the  user manual
    • to contact Esko support in case the proposed alternative is not valid for you.

  • Outdated

A 'Soon Outdated' task becomes 'Outdated' in a next major version: it is then no longer available in that software version.

    • Customers who never used that task type will not see any tickets.
    • Customers who had already created custom tickets of that task type will still see those tickets but notice that they no longer work.

Example of Task types removed in AE v16, which were earlier labeled 'Soon outdated':

  • Add Parameters for Nesting (Soon Outdated)
  • Adjust PDF Screening (Soon Outdated)
  • Create Nested Layouts (Soon Outdated)
  • Expand Variable Data to PPML File (Soon Outdated)
  • Expand Variable Data to PPML File (DeskPack Only) (Soon Outdated)
  • Export to GRS File (Soon Outdated)
  • Export to VRML File (Soon Outdated)
  • Fork (Soon Outdated)
  • Print on Digital Press (PPML) (Soon Outdated)
  • Rip to WS4000 Series (Soon Outdated)
  • Trap - Create Trap Layer (Soon Outdated)
  • Trap - Prepare Trap Pairs (Soon Outdated)
  • Trap - Prepare and Create Trap Layer (Soon Outdated)

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