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For Automation Engine to get approval feedback from WebCenter, while in the same LAN, port 5445 needs to be opened on the WebCenter Application Server. If this is not the case, checking the connection between Automation Engine and WebCenter using the Check Connection button in Tools > Configure, fails with the error: "Failed to create session factory".


Following symptoms may occur:

  • Connecting Automation Engine with WebCenter via Automation Engine's Tools > Configure menu, fails with the error: "Failed to create session factory".
  • It is possible to upload files and start approval with the Publish on WebCenter ticket, but the task does not get a response once the approval in WebCenter is done.


To resolve this issue, try the following:

  1. Access the WebCenter Application Server.
  2. Open the port 5445 for both UDP and TCP.

Also see the WebCenter Server System Requirements for an overview of system requirements such as ports that need to be opened.

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