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The folder \Esko\bg_data_fastserver_v100\Tmp is full of unknown files and folders.

Can the temp files in bg_data_fastserver_v100\Tmp be deleted or removed?

 Is there a process in place to clean up this (temporary) tmp folder?


Yes, the files may be deleted.

They should be automatically deleted anytime the task related to them in Automation Engine (Pilot) is deleted.

The files in the bg_data_fastserver_v100\Tmp directory are normally files left over from the tasks being processed. 

If a task fails, the temp files are not always deleted as they are when a task completes successfully. 

These files can be removed or deleted as they are no longer needed.

When you are also running Esko's proofing solution (FlexProof / PackProof), take note of a file called (housekeeping file) which keeps track of your proofing jobs. When deleting this file, the progress on the already running proofs will be lost.

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