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FAQ about Licensing in WebCenter 16.1

In WebCenter 16.1, a new licensing model is introduced. We call this the "Named User" licensing model. This article will try to answer some frequently asked questions.

Please reach out to your account manager if you would like to discuss more specific details.

What is the Named User licensing model?

The Named User licensing model is a new licensing model, introduced in WebCenter 16.1. In the Named User license model, you purchase licenses for all the Users in the system, whether they are logged in or not. Customers can purchase two types of User licenses: Admin/Project Managers and Regular Users. In case you have opted to have WebCenter’s integration functionality on your system via SDK or Automation Engine, a third type of license is included. The Integration licenses allow multiple guaranteed sessions to be assigned to Users used for integration purposes and Workflow Tunnels.

For more technical information, see:

What are the differences between Concurrent and Named exactly?

While in the Concurrent User model we are looking at how many Users are using WebCenter simultaneously, with a Named User model each Active user in WebCenter takes up a license. Further, with Concurrent User model there is no distinction between Users. An Administrator, a Project Manager or Approvers are all treated the same in terms of licensing. With the new Named User model there are two levels of users:

  • Admin / Project Manager: A User is part of this category if he is given either of these privileges.
  • Regular User: All other Users are part of this category.

There is no relationship to Esko ID or the existing Esko Named User Subscriptions in the current WebCenter pricing model.

Are we required to switch to the new licensing model?

Existing customers will be able to keep their current licensing model when upgrading. Please reach out to your account manager if you want to consider the pros and cons on your particular case.

What are the advantages of the new licensing model?

The new licensing model has a number of advantages. It is easier to understand for all stakeholders involved and significantly simplifies cost forecasting of the solution and budgeting between departments. This means that you will be able to scale at the right level, without hidden costs and no need to worry about potential denial of access on peak usage moments.

Is the new licensing model supported for WebCenter 16.0 (or older)?

No. The new Named User licensing model is introduced in WebCenter 16.1 and is not available in older versions.

Are there differences in the Editions between license types? 

Yes. WebCenter comes in three editions: Essentials, Advanced and Prime. WebCenter 16.1 Essentials with Named User licenses will now included: Basic Task Management (all Tasks except Workflows), Specification (Projects and Tasks Form Builder) and Approval Link.

In addition to the above features, the Advanced Edition contains: Workflow Canvas and Workflow Task Types, Business Rule Engine and Program Management. The Prime edition also includes: Copy/Text Management and Panel management/Nutrition Fact tables.

How do we switch to the new licensing model?

Please reach out to your account manager to discuss your options.

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