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XML information about a canvas can be created in ArtiosCAD. The procedure explained below is required.


Create Userfields using DataCenter admin and ensure Canvas/Part expressions have been entered into the Calculated Expression fields.

See ArtiosCAD > Options > Defaults > Calculated text table > Canvas/Part Information > Selected Part for the type of expressions that can be used in a Userfield.

Selected vs. Specific

It is very important to use the syntax for Selected Part. For example, Area is PARTGETR(0,5). Note that the first parameter is a 0. The canvas will iterate through all the parts and 0 means to use the current part. If the parameter is >= 1, that means to extract information for that specific part. Ensure 0 is used.

Create an output. Navigate to Options > Defaults > Outputs and create a new output as follows:

Parts Output

Show in, Parts Outputs must be selected. The user must run this output from the Parts > Parts Outputs menu from an open canvas. If the user runs the output from File > Outputs, ArtiosCAD will think a project context exists but it won't. The output will not run.

Further, configure the output as such: XML, Include design data is checked. Template file is optional and can be used for additional XLS processing and beyond the scope of this article.

It is recommended that the .xml extension is specified.

Open a canvas file and run the output from Parts > Parts Outputs > Part output. The user will see a list of parts to be included in the XML.

Specify a name for the XML file:

ArtiosCAD will iterate through the parts in the canvas and create one <DESIGN> per part.  The userfields will be evaluated.  Under <NAME>, the design name will be used if the parts have been saved out as ARDs or a default name if they have not.

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