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Network License Manager: After license activation, the following error appears:

Exception: Could not refresh the license server. Please restart the license server manually to complete the 
Internal Error Message: Refresh tool returned error.


The licenses will show activated but they wont work, the application just shows not licensed.


  1. Open Network License Manager and select License Server Administration in the Tools drop-down menu.
  2. In LM Service Administration tab, select the Start the FLEXlm License Manager Service radio button and click Execute.
  3. Watch for errors in the text panel of the dialog. If there are errors then you can select Remove the FLEXlm License manager service and click Execute.
  4. Then select Install the FLEXlm License manager service and click Execute.

This should fix the issue.

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Applies to

Network License Manager 14.1

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Case Number00695581