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What does it mean when a part is "<Missing>" when opening an ArtiosCAD canvas file?

When opening a canvas file in ArtiosCAD, you might see this:


This means the ARD files for the parts no longer reside at that Location.

When a canvas is saved, the designer has the option to save the parts as ARD files. The Location (whether it is standard or enterprise editions), records the location of the part ARD files in the canvas file (.ACD).

If the ARDs no longer exist at Location (in this case c:\temp\kbArticle^01.ard) because they have been moved or deleted or the canvas file has been moved to a machine where the location does not exist, the designer will see this message.

Simply click one of the Update buttons. There is no functionality to relink the ARDs with the canvas, but note that may change in the future. Just ensure that the ARDs are back in the proper Location.

If the ACD file itself has been moved and there are no ARD files, navigate to File > Save Parts. The user will see this dialog:

Click Save and the parts will be saved to new ARDs.  Ensure the canvas is then saved and the file will be adjusted with the new ARD locations.

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ArtiosCAD 14.1 and higher

Created13 Apr 2017
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