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Imaging Engine gives this error when ripping any file.


All Imaging Engine tasks error out. In the log file, you can see the following error:

PixelMachine.kGenericError Imaging Engine ERROR: CONTROLLER :: from JDFPlayerAcquireJDF


Error code: 111, JDFPlayer ERROR: (from JDF SDK) Streams error (Stream open failed).


This indicates user restriction issue, e.g.: Imaging Engine can't read the JDF files from \\AEserver\AutomationEngineTmpFolder\Imaging\Jdf

Either make sure the BGMD user on the Imaging Engine machine and the Automation Engine machine are the same, or try to access the Automation Engine Server share with the correct user rights (the user that bgmd is running, typically the BGSYSTEM user).

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Imaging Engine 14.x

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